Welcome Aboard: Cruise Dragon Fire!

We were in need of some inspiration to renew our energy - there is only so much cream wall you can look at! ( sorry, Pandacake.) We woke up early and took a drive into the mountains to these amazing gardens - 40ha of serenity! The drive itself is superb - you climb up a steep, winding road that meanders its way through ancient Eucalyptus Forests ( trees over 300ft tall - tallest flowering trees in the world - actually the Eucalyptus Regnans is the tallest tree in the world, with many accounts of trees over 400ft and some believed to be over 500ft!!)) and pristine Tree Fern gullies. The air is crisp and fresh, but still quite warm. Once we were in the gardens, we couldn't stop smiling - sensational! Its a 6 - 7km round walk and we did it twice! There are lots of secret areas to explore - here are just some of the pictures we took. In case you dont believe this is in fact Australia, we took a picture of a Kookaburra to prove it.


Anonymous said...

Holy moly .. lotsa photos here. Waited for 3 mins to get the photos loaded (only for the first entry) and I was like where the hell is the kookaburra. Scrolled up and down and try to spot one just to find that it's on the second entry after 2 minutes later XD I took a pic of a fat kookaburra once at Wilson Prom. He was the first that I met.

Btw, some of the photos remind me of Buchan cave. I love the tall and colourful trees there.


Anonymous said...

stunning. it totally looks like japan.. gorgeous!

if u dont get inspiration from this, god knows what is wrong with u hehe


:) d xx

A said...

Breathtakingly Beeeaau-ti-ful!
Thanks for sharing these.