Giclee Prints!

Limited edition of 50 copies on the most beautiful paper ever!! Fine art archival quality giclee prints. They will be for sale at our show and will be up on our website in August. You can view more details about them then. So exciting - they look WOW!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

oh goodness i am going to faint they are sooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!


and lucky me its my pay day just before i come to ur exhibition hehehe


oh dear, im so sick, i will write u a big letter on friday when i have the day off, too much work to do tomrw...

and ooh i love you sooo much!


Anonymous said...

did u know that u are my home page now? hehe well noferins website is... yay!

so everytime i go online.. bam, there you are!

:) *squeeee*