We went to the Aquarium recently. We could fill our entire blog with beautiful pictures, but these are the best. Jellyfish are amazing creatures! We were in the Jelly area for about 40 mins - totally transfixed by them. We have decided that when we have our own house, we are going to build a big tank full of jellies and have different lighting on top so they glow red or blue or pink or green or what ever colour we like according to how we feel. Candy used to have jellies when she was younger, but they died because she didnt know how to care for them. They were blue! She also killed two pet turtles, but thats a different story.


Anonymous said...

omg i went to the aquarium and took pics of the exact same jellies. reece and i wanted a tv with jellies inside instead of tv... if u know what i mean hehe. oh how grand. i love jellies.


p.s. i am booking my flights TOMORRRROOOWW! argh!

so excited. im coming alone so u better be kind to me :)

Anonymous said...

dont worry darlings, those size 8 jeans aint fitting me, cant u see my bulges out of them hahaha

and i know, its ridiculous. no furniture haha

we have a stool or two and a cute rug and a bed, thats about it. but we saw a nice couch and a nice tv which we will buy this week i promise hahahaha

oh god, i am sooooooooooooo sick.

help meeee