You may be wondering why our photographs are so good looking all of a sudden. Well, we recently bought a super duper amazing digital SLR. It is brilliant. These are only low-res, but they already look WOW.... heehehehehehe, we love it. Anyway, back to the informing: We also went to Danish Weekend at a Tulip Farm. It was very busy. We ate Profitjes (mini pancake things with sugar and maple syrup) and watched some Danish dancing. They were wearing massive wooden clogs. We dont know how they walked in them, let along dance! We were upset because we missed out on the egg and spoon race. But we saw lots and lots and lots and lots of Tulips!!! Tulips everywhere!


Anonymous said...

god i love those mini pancakes.. i used to go to carrabean markets to get them every weekend.. oh maybe thats why i became so fat!

i love tulips.. my nanna loves them too.. she used to travel to canberra to visit my uncle and he would take her to the flower show every yr.. just to see the tulips.

oh and also... digitial SLR's are he BEST. i want!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh yes i have a picture of my nanna and her sister at that very tulip farm.. i will dig it out and send it to you one time soon. if i dont have it here, i will send it from melbourne when i go home in october

Anonymous said...


click-ity clack!