Noferin: Painting Progress - WindUp Show

Oh, aren't we full of surprises today! Here are two Noferin pieces in early stages of not-so-completeness that are part of the WindUp Gallery Halloween show in Phoenix, Arizona. Seen the bats? Dont worry, they aren't nasty bats. These are Fruit-Bats, or Flying Foxes. They are lovely and they fly around the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night time. These ones look a bit too cozy to do any flying. Maybe later.


TokyoBunnie said...

Hi! You've been tagged on my blog! <3

Anonymous said...

you are noooooooooot moving to sydney! are you? excitement.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful paintings! I love the muted colours in the first panel. :)

Pants said...

Hello Candy & Nicho!

I followed the breadcrumb trail here from my very good friends blog (Miss Donna) and wanted to send you some love! I adore your stuff! <3


Anonymous said...

noop noopppp