Noferin: Painting Progress - CoproNason Gallery III

Pheew! (that is Candy's favourite sound effect at the moment)
The new Noferin piece showing at CoproNason Gallery is finally complete! Oh, no, we still have to get it framed and photographed properly.
(sorry for the wonky photos)
This has been the most challenging piece in the short history of Noferin so far. But, it has been enjoyable and rewarding working on a larger scale and is definately something we will be doing more of. It is the stuff twinkles in your eyes are made from. We are sad we have to send it away. Funny, we spend so long working on a piece and then the time we actually get to enjoy it is so small. Remember, you can roll down to see the entire progress!


Anonymous said...

the most challenging for you but by far the most beautiful one i have seen yet! it is so lovely to see them all together having a fun time!! :)


caro said...

gorgeous! i love the warm colors and the amount of detail. i'm looking forward to more larger pieces. :)