Thank you! :)

We received something so amazingly spectacular last night that the postman even came at 8.30pm to give it to us. (he knew that we just HAD to receive this package!!!) We cant express how excited and happy we are! It is the most sensational box of goodies. These are certainly going to be new additions to our family that we will love and cherish for ever and ever.

Thank you so very much Maz. You are the plush master!! Not only are they adorably cute and bring smiles to your face every time you look at them, but the quality of them is outstanding. We have our names inscribed in the tree - how cool is that!!?? The most touching part though is the Pecan and Cream Chilly's. That is just amazing!!!! Maz even got his ears right.
Thank you! :) Check out her stuff here.


Celena said...

Plush Master is right! Those are honestly some of the best plush around. Her designs are brilliant! Congrats!!

maz said...

woot! happy you guys dig them!!! they look right at home in noferin HQ!!! : D