Noferin loves Treeson

We dont usually get excited about toy releases and in fact most of the designer toys we have purchased now lie sleeping in an old suitcase. There still are a few notable ones that we leave on display such as Yoshitomo Nara's Little Wanderer, Pete Fowler's Giant Snorse, Nathan J's Tree Dweller, Gary Baseman's Copy Cat and various Friends With You figures, mainly plush. But, being released this August is the next level of greatness by Bubi Au Yeung and Crazy Label.

8 inch Treeson with articulated arms and legs!!!

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!!! See all the details and links here at Toysrevil.

(oh, and this took ages to type since i was moving a 3 foot high brick letter box stand that weighs about 150kgs or more and right when i was about to finish, the silly thing decided to tip over and crush my finger between it and the brick wall. Instant pain!)

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San Smith said...

exciting!! Treeson is so adorable, he would be excellent on a larger scale! Thank you for sharing this, I can't wait till its available - so cute. :)