It's cold. When is Spring coming?

The mountains are shrouded in mist all day long. It is very moody, but very cold. Brrr. Moments after taking this shot, the Kookaburra flew off and caught itself a tasty lizard! We planted a lot of bulbs a while back and patiently await their arrival. The Hyacinths are nudging the surface of the soil and the daffodils are also peeking their heads up, so it wont be long. We planted them a little late this year. They would already be up if they were planted on time. Oh well.

In other news, our Weeping Snowflake Cherry is bursting with buds. As is the huge pink blossom tree in the front and our Crab Apple trees. The Lilacs and the Wisteria should put on a good show soon and all the Grevilleas, Callistemons and other natives we have should be bursting with colour. We have a beautiful Lace Lady Robinia among other deciduous trees that we cant wait to see all green and leafy again. Hopefully we will get a good result this year. Last year they hardly flowered at all because of the drought we have been and are still having. We've given them more attention and we've had some rain this year, so fingers are crossed!

Soon we can re-pot our Water Lilies and put them in their new home. It is a HUGE, nicely deep glazed pot that is about 4 feet in diameter. That will means many, many blooms this year. Yah!

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