Save Totoro's Forest.

You may or may not know that I (Nicho) am studying Environmental Science. As such, there is much in the world (and at a local level) that causes great pain. The world is in a very sad state and... dont worry, i wont get started. Instead, i want to share something that is important, both on an environmental and artistic scale.

Sayama Forest, on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan is where the master of animation, Hayao Miyazaki was inspired to create Tonari no Totoro. The forest is now under threat from urban development and needs our help!

A major art exhibition and auction is being held at the PIXAR studios, with all proceeds being donated to the fund. Leading artists from the fields of animation, comics, fine art and illustration are donating artwork for this spectacular show to be held in September.
Help spread the word. Totoro needs us!


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