Noferin Progress: Paper Pushers & new member

These are some progress shots for the Paper Pushers show at Gallery 1988 San Francisco opening next Friday. I really enjoyed working with ink because i can concentrate a lot more on the form of the plants. It will be a great show! We will post the final pieces later.

And my tummy is growing bigger and bigger each day. I am in my 30th week now. Poppy is kicking a lot these days especially at night. She gets very excited after hearing stories. (yes, Nicho reads us stories every night before sleep) Sometimes she kicks so much that i can't go back to sleep. The doctor thought that i might have drunk too much coffee (thus making Poppy so hypo-active) but i don't drink coffee because it is bitter. hehe


sefora said...
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sefora said...

wow!!!! a baby!!!! i'm so happy for you three!!! (*°v°)
neve and zoe say hello to poppy!!!

Ania said...

I am reallu happy for you two!...three now :P