Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you had a wonderful day. We were visited by our gorgeous friends, Donna and Reece. We had a super yummy lunch in our garden and we played fun games together. Donna won!! It was a lovely day. Christmas with the ones you love is how it should be.
Ho! Ho! Ho!


Anonymous said...

aww we are so cute. i love your super dooper camera! i look pretty on it! whoot.

i won the game! i really think reece has dislexia... - how do u even spell that? i won't ask reece hahahahahha

Anonymous said...

your food DOES look like it belongs in a magazine! whoot!

and your heart was MUCH more romantic koz it was REAL hehehe...


we are watching "flying high" right now.. hahaha... silly movie.