Maz - best plushies ever!

We came across the work of Maz a while ago and were totally blown away by the cutsie beauty of her creations. They are just amazing. Can you believe that Maz handmade these all herself??!! We are so jealous. Here are some of our faves (actually we have too many to post, so it's best that you view her work yourselves. hehe)


pinku said...

Hooray for Maz and her plush!! It makes my heart smile to see her plush loved by so many around the world! Not only are her plush amazing, SHE is an amazing person as well - but I think you both know that by now. ^_^

Love you Mazzy!!

Anonymous said...

ooh i love the tea thingos.. but they look like they feel like cotton balls!! AAAHH