Noferin: Solo Show Progress II

The studio is rapidly filling up with paintings, which reminds us, we need to buy more bubble wrap! We are starting to get a bit emotional as the body of work grows larger and we picture it hanging on the gallery walls. It is sad to see them go but we feel even happier knowing that they will be in loving homes and perhaps bringing a smile or two. It's better to share!!


Anonymous said...

i am SO sad i cannot buy that butterfly painting... ahh.

i fear i wont get to see any of these beauties... ever ever again!

love you millions and millions. this is a cuddle from mocha


and this is from lambie


and this is from me


Celena said...

I'm loving these sneak peeks! That butterfly painting is gorgeous!! Ahhh, I'm getting more and more anxious for the show. I do hope I'm able to make the opening. I'd love to meet you both! <3