The Start: or Where We Begin Opening!

Thank you Gary and Erica and all those at CoproNason Gallery who made this show such a great success. Thank you to EVERYONE who came by and gave us cuddles and gave us the best kind of support ever. We can not thank you enough. Here are some images from the show. You can see more here on our other blog and here on our flickr.

Click here to see all the pieces on the Copro site. Contact Gary Pressman if anything takes your fancy, or just to tell him he is hot!

CoproNason Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue T5,
Santa Monica, CA 90404
p: 310-829-2156

Show runs April 5 - April 26, 2008.


Anonymous said...

In which the Mallow Grove provides
an enjoyable afternoon is my favorite.... oh love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit why must I be so broke!

Jocelan Thiessen said...