What is happening in the schools?

We were watching Raggs this morning. As far as children's shows (where people dress up in costumes) go, it is quite good. The show promotes exercise, learning through problem solving and group activities, acceptance and tolerance with lots of fun scenes and engaging songs (our favourite songs are Paws Up!! and Wag and Wiggle Time). There is one annoying aspect however. The 5 characters are dogs, hence the name Raggs. That isnt the annoying part. The problem is with the costumes, which are very well made, but they are all technicolour. A bright orange dog? Magenta? A bright, glowing green squirrel looking dog with rainbow dread-locks?

Anyway, the real reason why we like the show is there are two segments where a cat interviews children, ala "Kids say the darnedest things" style.

Today's offering was about animals.

Cat: "What does a lion look like?"
Boy: "Ummm.....like... an elephant."

On another episode, which was about dinosaurs, an Indian boy started lecturing the cat about our prehistoric ancestors and the demise of dinosaurs. He then went on to explain the theory of evolution and its scientific applications (giving many examples). He was no more than 5 years old!


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Caroline said...

Haha wow, I wish we had this show here too :(