Thank you!

What a complete and utter shock! We have been overwhelmed by everyone's support for our Pecanpals. In less than one day (23 hours and 45 minutes to be exact), all our Pecanpals found homes. Incredible.
We were so nervous leading up to the release date. We hardly slept a wink, and that had nothing to do with our newborn Poppy because she is sleeping very well now and is a very well behaved 8 week older. We thought that perhaps 10 sets would sell, and we tried our best not to get our hopes up.
Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We are deeply touched by your generous support.

It has been a long and extremely challenging journey getting these wooden figures out into the world. Sometimes we wish that a big production company was handling these for us, instead of us having to do everything ourselves, but then we wouldnt have learned what we know now and, as people say, life is full of experiences, and this is one of our defining ones. Haha. I guess what we mean is that this took a lot of work and now we have something to show for it. And all of you who have supported us... THANK YOU!!!! Sorry if this makes no sense.


Clutter Ho said...

I think the fact that you had to go down the long route yourself has added a lot of appeal to these toys! All us lucky purchasers know that we are buying into quality products that will not disappoint! So happy for you guys!!

Jocelan Thiessen said...

congrats on the sell out ! they look great!

D.xx said...

Hello, well done on selling them all, I've just got my whole set this morning :) they're way COOL. Ummm just wondered but is my Jac Jac a *special edition* as he has no arms :(

noferin said...

Thank you for your support and that is horrible that Jac Jac has no arms.
Please send us an e-mail at:
we can discuss it further.