When i was growing up, i always dreamed of having a tree house. There were plenty of trees around but none of them had a house in them, nor did i have any tools in which to build one with. Living at one address for a maximum of two years didnt help things much either. The closest thing i had was a sheet tied to three chairs and my cardboard box... until i left a light on too close to the sheet, causing it to catch fire. Hmmm... maybe we can build some like this for Poppy one day.

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Jake said...

Treehouses are awesome. I totally plan on building a treehouse studio someday. You should check out these books. They're really great.




Karen said...

Hmmm I have always loved the idea of treehouses too.

I forget the name of the movie but I think it was a Star Wars Ewok special - where it showed all the Ewoks living in trees - that was pretty special.

Clutter Ho said...

Let me know when you've built poppy's fort!! I'll pop over for a teddy bear picnic or a dolls tea party... or a Pecanpal food fight... hehehe

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